Non-Fiscal Assistance

Recognizing the fact that our proposal of a national centre for head & neck cancers would be "the 1st of its kind anywhere in the world", the Government of France agreed to include our project under the 7th Indo-French Joint Commission on Scientific and Technical Cooperation that it signed with the Indian government. Under this agreement, the French have given equipmental support, funded visits of eminent French cancer specialists to Indore and sent our personnel for training to cancer centres in France.

Ms. Jane Lake, the then First Secretary (Development), Australian High Commission, at the formal handing over ceremony of the mobile van.

Under AUSAID, the Commonwealth of Australia gave 3 grants to:

It was thanks to the grant from the Government of Japan that we were able to construct the building of Oral Cancer Prevention Centre. We have now been able to start a dental OPD thanks to the donation of a dental chair by the family of Late Shri Vijay Ramawat. A dental OPD not only offers support to patients undergoing radiotherapy but also plays a significant role in the prevention of oral cancers by giving advice on mouth care.

The department of Information Technology, Government of India, is committed to giving us the Siddharth Linear Accelerator. SAMEER, department of Information Technology, Government of India have developed Siddhartha. This was made possible thanks to the support received from Mr. Jyotiraditya Scindia, who was then the Union Minister of State for Information Technology.

A grant-in-aid of Rupees One crore twenty-five lakh only (Rs. 1 25 00 000/-) was given by the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Government of India for the purchase of a Bhabhatron II radiotherapy cobalt unit. The Bhabhatron was designed by the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and is indigenously manufactured, a first for India that has resulted in huge cost savings on the purchase of cobalt units that earlier had to be imported. In August 2008, the Bhabhatron started treating patients at our Institute. In April 2011, DAE gave us a grant of Rupees Six Lakh seventy thousand only (Rs. 6 70 000/-) towards the Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC) of the Bhabhatron.

The Ministry of Health, Government of India, gave a grant for education and early detection of cancer activities, under its National Cancer Control Programme.

The government of the state of Madhya Pradesh gave 10 acres of land approximately 14 kilometres from Indore city, where we have set up the Indian Institute of Head & Neck Oncology. Since the year 2000, we have been able to organize surgical camps at district level with the help of the respective district administrations.

In March 2006, the state government of Madhya Pradesh recognized the Foundation under its Rajya Bimari Sahayata Nidhi (RBSN). This recognition entitles the Foundation to reimbursement from the state government when it treats state government employees, their families and patients Below the Poverty Line (BPL).

The World Health Organization (WHO.) has given us 4 grants. The first was for 'a community oral cancer control and prevention project' in Ratlam district. The findings were presented at the 16th International Cancer Congress (UICC) in 1994. The second was to study 'the incidence of cancer pain in the rural community of central India' . In 1996, the findings of this survey were presented on a poster at the World Congress of Psychiatry in Madrid, Spain. The third was for the conduct of a palliative care sensitization programme for government doctors from the states of Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh in August 2002. The fourth was for a similar sensitization effort for doctors from Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. The funding for the last 2 has come through the Ministry of Health, Government of India under the WHO Biennium Fund.

The Nargis Dutt Memorial Foundations and ICF. The association goes back right to the day that ICF was set up and Mr. Sunil Dutt was the Chief Guest at the inaugural programmes.

Thereafter, it was thanks to his and Ms. Nirmala Gautama's efforts that the Nargis Dutt Memorial Foundation, Ottawa-Hull, donated a second hand Eldorado cobalt therapy machine. The Foundation's Indian Institute of Head and Neck Oncology started on 15.8.1995 by offering radiotherapy to cancer patients on this unit and till the 1st quarter of 2007, when the unit was finally decommissioned, a total of 3 053 cancer patients had been offered radiotherapy. Of this number, 1218 patients were treated completely free while 623 were given a partial waiver of charges.

Subsequently, the Nargis Dutt Memorial Foundation, Ottawa-Hull, also sent us endoscopes with accessories worth Rs. 3 00 000/-. These endoscopes are being used to offer subsidized endoscopies and are also taken for our rural cancer camps.

Mr. Sunil Dutt set up the Nargis Dutt Memorial Foundations in the memory of his late wife, the legendary actress, Nargis. After his demise, it is their daughter, Member of Parliament from Mumbai, Ms. Priya Dutt, who is at the helm of affairs.

Ms. Priya Dutt has visited us twice over the last 2 years. Speaking to the media during her first visit in March 2010, Ms. Dutt expressed a wish to help the Indore Cancer Foundation and said she felt that there was no need for cancer patients to go anywhere, as good treatment was available in places like the Foundation. It was the cost effective treatment and extensive out reach programmes that impressed her, she added.

It was thanks to her intervention that the Nargis Dutt Memorial Foundations in New York and Austin came forward with equipmental support.

The Nargis Dutt Memorial Foundation, New York, has given us the equipment required (a 3D Radiation Field Analyser, a UPS and air conditioners) for the linear accelerator being gifted to us by the Department of Information Technology, Government of India. The total support works out to approximately Rs. 55 28 000/-.

The Nargis Dutt Memorial Foundation, Austin, Texas, has donated a Fuji CR system, syringe pumps and a portable ventilator costing approximately Rs. 14 73 000/-.

The relationship is expected to grow further with the New York chapter promising continued support.

On 30th March 2010, the Vatsala & Narayan Bhouraskar Public Charitable Trust was merged into the Indore Cancer Foundation Charitable (ICF) by the formal signing of documents to this effect by Mr. CR Bhouraskar, Chairman & Nominee Representative for the Bhouraskar Trust, and Mr. Ashok Chitale, Chairman & Nominee Representative of ICF.

Mr. CR Bhouraskar & Mr. AK Chitale signing the merger documents

With this merger, the Foundation is now the owner of all the movable and immovable assets of the Vatsala & Narayan Bhouraskar Trust. The reason for the merger was the Vatsala & Narayan Bhouraskar Trust's thinking that the Foundation was best equipped to fulfill the dreams of late Dr. Shalini Bhouraskar, when she set up the Trust in the memory of her parents. The late Dr. Shalini Bhouraskar was a Professor at the Indore University and died of cancer.

On its part the Board of Permanent Trustees of the Foundation has resolved that the names of Dr. Shalini Bhouraskar and her parents Shri Narayan & Smt. Vatsala Bhouraskar would be gratefully acknowledged in some prominent activity of the Foundation, that the name of Dr. Shalini Bhouraskar would be prominently displayed at the house that has now come to the Foundation and that any cancer patient referred by the present trustees of Bhouraskar Trust would be extended all possible special favour/concession.

In a development that came close on the heels of the foundation stone laying ceremony of the centre for advanced radiation oncology on 25.06.2010, the Padma- Keshav Charitable Trust (PK Trust), Indore, agreed to support the construction of this centre. The donation was given in the memory of Sant Kirpal Singhji Maharaj and the centre will be known as the Kirpal Cancer Centre. The Padma-Keshav Charitable Trust's gesture came as god send.

The Kirpal Cancer Centre will house the Siddharth linear accelerator, being gifted by SAMEER, Department of Information Technology, Government of India.

The dream of developing a hospice took shape with the PK Trust offering to support in full, the construction of such a facility at the Indian Institute of Head and Neck Oncology. To be known as 'Kirpalaya', the design and concept was carefully drafted by the Patron Trustee of the PK Trust.

Kirpalaya would provide care to terminally ill cancer patients. Keeping in mind the fact that most prefer to spend their last days within the familiar surroundings of their homes, great importance would be attached to giving home care training to the family members so that they are able to look after the patient. The Foundation would also offer palliative care training to doctors and para-medical staff from the rural areas.

The State Bank of India gave us a donation of Rs. 22 62 000/- for the purchase of a new source for the cobalt therapy machine. This is the second donation given by them, the earlier source was also bought with their financial support.

The State Bank of Indore (now merged with the State Bank of India) gifted a sonography machine for use at our cancer detection centre. The machine has now been shifted to our Institute where it is being used to help plan radiotherapy treatment of the patients.

The Lions Club of Indore Mahanagar constructed a dharamshala at the Institute premises for the benefit of the patients. The dharamshala gives subsidized/free accommodation to patients and their families during the time that the patient is undergoing radiotherapy treatment at the Institute. With this, patients from outside Indore have the option of living on campus during the radiotherapy treatment, thus avoiding a daily commute of 26 km.

The dharamshala was dedicated to the public on 25.6.2000. This project has been an example of the dedication of the Lions Club team in that it was completed in record time – construction was completed within a year of the decision to undertake the project was taken.

As a temporary measure, one section of the dharamshala has been converted into in-patients' wards.

In 2001, the Oxford International Centre for Palliative Care, the WHO collaborating centre for palliative care, entered into an MOU with the Foundation for the establishment of our palliative care services. This support came about due to the initiative of Dr. Robert Twycross, Emeritus Reader in Palliative Medicine, Oxford University, and Academic Director, OICPC and Head, WHO Collaborating Centre for Palliative Care. Dr. Twycross' contribution to our work, in the field of palliative care, is invaluable.

A grant from the Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) helped us construct a rehabilitation centre for cancer patients and their families.

In January 2010, the Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) agreed to give a grant of up to Rs. 21 59 000/- for the purchase of equipment for our in-patients' wards, a minor operation theatre and a generator. During discussions, the suppliers were requested to give special rates in view of the charitable objectives of the Institute and we were, thus, able to get all the equipment within Rs. 19 00 000/- thereby saving SAIL some money!

Mr. Kanti Parasrampuria donated money for the construction of a part of the cobalt therapy centre in the memory of his son Nikunj Parasrampuria.

Bhaskar Exxoils Ltd. has donated Rs. 8 75 000/- towards the purchase of equipment at our Institute of Head & Neck Oncology.

The Maharani Sau. Indirabai Holkar Public Trust gifted a small Maruti Omni Ambulance that was then upgraded to the larger Tempo Trax.

The children of Late Mr. Shankarrao Mungre have set up a fixed deposit in the name of the Foundation. The accrued interest is used for our palliative care activities. Mr. Mungre died of cancer at a time when there was no palliative care for the terminally ill. Having helplessly seen their father suffer and coming to know of the Foundation's work in this field, the family offered to help us.

The children of Late Mrs. Indumati Kulkarni (nee Nadkar) donated money for the annual maintenance of the cobalt machine. Late Mrs. Indumati Kulkarni was born and brought up in Dhar, which is 60 km. from Indore.

The Rotary Club of Indore North (RI-Dist-3040) & Rotary Club of Seoul Poukak (Korea) (RI-Dist-3650) donated an ambulance cum patient carrier under the Matching Grant Program of the Rotary Foundation Year – 2006.

"Being Human" -The Salman Khan Foundation sent a donation of Rs. 3 00 000/- towards the purchase of an auto analyser. In their letter, they said that health care is an area so large that is impossible to address the issue single handedly and also that the Salman Khan Foundation is in its infancy and as they grow they look to increasing their association with the Indian Institute of Head and Neck Oncology.

Mr. Abhay Chajjalani, Mr. Manish Surana, Mr. Kishor Jaiswal, Shanti Realty & Mr. Sethia together donated Rs. 3 85 000/- towards the construction of the linear accelerator centre.

The family of Late Mr. Vijay Ramawat donated a dental chair.

Mr. MR Sivaraman, IAS, Retd. Union Revenue Secretary, donated Rs. 1 00 000/- in the memory of his mother, towards purchase of hospital beds for terminally ill patients in our hospice.

Merind Limited gifted medicines for free distribution.


The Seattle Laryngectomy Club, USA, has so far donated 11 electro-larynxes and some other gadgets for voice rehabilitation.

An Appeal

In the News

  • Third indigenous linear accelerator inaugurated
  • Screening camp in Hoshangabad
  • Special drive against cancer in Indore district


An Appeal

In the News

  • Third indigenous linear accelerator inaugurated
  • Screening camp in Hoshangabad
  • Special drive against cancer in Indore district