Impressed with the vision and its implementation. The dedication of staff is particularly impressive.
- Dr. Anita Borges

The positive energy in this place is astounding. It is all compassion in action. It is a privilege to be your fellow traveler.
- Dr. MR Rajagopal

Providing health care for the needy and the poor is perhaps the noblest deed that anyone can perform. Treating and providing affordable care to cancer patients is one such deed that is being performed by the ICF. To be able to find resources and commitment on a continuing basis is the challenge that ICF has tried to meet all these years and yet there are so many more who are out there for the ICF team to reach out to.

I am overwhelmed by the spirit of the team at ICF to provide their services. In years to come to come the Indian Institute for Head and Neck Oncology will be an organization whose work will be known far and wide.

My wife and I are truly privileged to be here today and we will be honored to be a small part of this great endeavor to serve the humanity.

Dr. Dharkar’s leadership is truly visionary.

Mr. R Parasuram, IAS. July 2011

Very impressive set-up. This organization is really helping many poor patients. It is extremely heartening to observe the dedication of all staff members. Each one is ready to work for the institution - a true example. I am confident that in future this institution will be model for others.

Dr. S K Shrivastava. September 2010

It has been an honor & a privilege to visit the Indore Cancer Foundation. This institution has been a pioneering effort in battling the scrouge of dreaded disease in India.

It has been my pleasure to be of assistance and I wish the institution and its members all success in taking forward their mission of selfless service for the sufferers of cancer.

We need many more institutions & founders & patrons & selfless people like those of this institution in our country!

Mr. Jyoritaditya Scindia. June 2010

Thank you very much for having given me the privilege of seeing this wonderful temple of service. I pray that all those involved are blessed by the good Lord. May He give you all the strength to continue to do this wonderful work. My prayers and good wishes are with you.

Dr S N Simha, June 2010

Dr. Dharkar, you have been an inspiration and I hope I can live up to all that you do selflessly. Your energy and sense of service emits all around here and am sure this place will grow and gain great recognition and I would love to be a part of it.

Thank you for inviting me here, it was overwhelming to meet your team and colleagues.

Ms. Priya Dutt, March 2010

It has been a privilege, being of assistance to this organization. All the people from the Foundation are passionately involved in the cancer care. It is their temple wherein the sanctum sanctorum are patients.

ICF has moved from Eldorado based treatment to Bhabhatron. Bhabhatron is an elegant telecobalt machined designed in India. It was first installed in Tata Memorial Hospital. Fairly sophisticated treatment can be implemented on the same. It is an oasis for treatment where there is other cancer centre for a population of over 2-3 million.

Dr. Nagraj Huilgol, Novmber 2008

Dedication to the cause of cancer by the entire team needs to be recognized and given full support.

Dr. K A Dinshaw, November 2000

A lot of faith and strength very beautiful. I wish you all the happiness I can.
- Rita Hontour, Canada

Was an incredibly eye opening experience, Thank you so much.
- Tash Venning, South Africa

Really inspiring. I hope that you achieve all you aim for. Good luck.
- Puppa Way, UK

Well done! Without people like you this world cannot go on! So keep it up.
- Karishma Choudhery, India

This place is amazing, real life miracles happen here, keep it up.
- Logan Rohesge, Canada